Breast augmentation


Breast enlargement is the most frequently practised technique and one which brings the highest degree of satisfaction to patients. Whilst we all have an idea of the ideal breast size, it is universally accepted that they must appear natural, firm, full and uplift (without "Ptosis" or sagging).
Present-day implants can increase breast size to give them a supple and natural appearance, using a filled supra-areola insert that also corrects sagging. Caps have hardly disappeared.

There is currently an enormous range of shapes and sizes, but especially shapes. This enables each patient to choose her prosthesis.

It has now been clearly proven that silicon neither causes cancer nor autoimmune illness. Several studies carried out on tens of thousands of women have been published in the best known medical journals around the world (New England Journal of Medicine, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, etc.) (see guarantee here).

It is wrong to argue that prostheses have to be changed systematically every ten years! Large numbers of patients have had their prostheses for over 20 years without experiencing any problems. If account is taken of improvements in modern prostheses, it is clear that a large number of patients will live normal lives and probably keep their original prostheses for a very long time and probably for life.
The operation is very brief (approximately a half an hour in our hands), requires a general anaesthetic without hospitalisation (on an outpatient basis) and provides an immediate result. Little pain is involved.

A special bra has to be worn all the time for the first month after the operation.
The scars are mostly invisible and some patients are even back at work on the day after their operation! A few months later, the patient has usually forgotten about the operation.



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