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The success of Cosmetic Surgery depends on the Plastic Surgeon's professionalism, and also on his ability to listen to patients.

Our approach of Cosmetic Surgery is to treat you personally in accordance with your wishes and your potentiality for change. The pre-operative discussion is thus as important as the operation itself.

Sophisticated computer tools now facilitate an enhanced quality dialogue and a better understanding of your personal needs.
Extensive surgery is not always the best solution.

Alterations to your physique should facilitate a better personal acceptance of yourself and thus open the door to achieving a better psychological equilibrium. We are sufficiently open to the relationship between psychology and beauty to enable you to increase your happiness.

The operation will be performed according to state-of-the-art techniques as our team is constantly retraining.

The post-operative follow up will involve a team which is capable of reassuring you and we shall guide your steps until you have completely recovered form the operation.

We have already operated on several thousands of patients and we can therefore enable you to benefit from our experience.
The information in this brochure is naturally very general and will have to be personalised for each of you.

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