Facial ageing is a direct consequence of gravity. The skin becomes relaxed, hangs down and becomes thinner; muscles lose their tone and stretch.
Fat atrophies and moves downwards.
The consequence of these phenomena is the formation
of wrinkles - which cannot be corrected by extremely expensive creams - and the face losing its shape.

Modern facelifts reposition muscle and fat before re-draping the excess skin without pulling it to give a natural appearance: "You look fantastic, and rested; have you just come back from your holidays?".
The term facelift is a generic expression that actually covers a series of operations on a growing scale: temporal lifts to treat the centre of the face, brow lifts for the front and upper part of the face, neck lifts and finally cervico-facial lifts for the middle and lower parts of the face.

In addition to these rejuvenating facelifts, there are also transformation facelifts. This time, the lifting is takes place next to the bone, which means that facial expression and morphology can be completely changed. However, demand for this type of facelift is much more limited. At present, facelifts are performed under general anaesthetic during a brief night's stay in hospital.

The post-operative follow up varies, depending on the technique used.
Generally speaking, a maximum of three weeks is required before normal social life can be recommenced. However, the person concerned will have to wait for several months to obtain a definitive result.


Eyebag correction is one of the most common form of cosmetic surgery.
There is no typical age at which the problem will manifest itself: each patient is unique, since, in addition to cutaneous relaxation due to ageing, there is also a congenital propensity for "bags to appear under our eyes".


Whatever the circumstances, the hooding of the upper eyelid and the wrinkled fatty pouches of the lower eye area can make the face appear tired and weary, which no amount of sleep or expensive beauty creams can correct.
During the operation, the excess skin is removed, the muscles are returned to the correct position and the excess fat is removed or redistributed correctly.
The operation does not require hospitalisation and can be performed under local or general anaesthetic depending on the patient's wishes. The post-operative follow-up is short and simple. The scars are invisible and hidden.

Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty reduces or remodels the shape of the nose in accordance with the patient's wishes, his or her desire to alter his or her image and local possibilities.
This is one of the operations where the Surgeon's creative talent is the most important.

The shape of the nose is discussed before the operation on the basis of a computer imaging reconstruction.

There will not be any visual scars and the entire operation takes place inside the nose. A general anaesthetic and a brief overnight stay in hospital are required.
The result is immediate as soon as the plaster is removed 8 days after the operation, but the nose stays puffy for up to 3 months. A reduced capacity to work is therefore required.

Ear reshaping (otoplasty)

Prominent ears are the most frequent congenital malformation. They are characterised by a creasing fault and/or hypertrophy of the ear cartilage.

An operation can be performed when the ears have finished growing, i.e. at around the age of 6. Out of choice, and for psychological reasons, it is performed before the child in question goes to school.

The cartilage is repositioned and reduced at the cost of a scar hidden in the back fold of the ear.

The operation can be carried out under a local or general anaesthetic according to the patient's wishes. It does not require hospitalisation.
A head dressing remains in place for a week.
The result is immediate and will be definitive three months after the operation, with the shape gradually returning to a natural one.



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