Non surgical techniques



Peeling refreshes the facial skin by replacing the damaged areas by a new revitalised skin. The dead, thickened surface layer is removed to allow new skin to regenerate itself.

Collagen is stimulated to render the skin more supple, softer with an attractive-looking and healthy glow. Wrinkles will be reduced or eliminated and the skin
generally becomes more healthy.

Depending on the product used, the result will be more profound and more durable but will require more time to be obtained. The post-operative follow up and the type of anaesthetic used also depend on the type of product used and the result hoped for.

Other non-surgical techniques

Thin lips can be made bigger permanently by injecting different products or pre-treated fat to give fuller or more sensual lips.

Permanent tattooing can have the effect of stable make-up which does not have to be altered.

Various products can reduce wrinkles caused by the movement of skin muscles by reducing their action. Other products can be used to fill the wrinkles.



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